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9.     Does it require someone to be fully disabled to qualify?
         No, as long as they meet the other requirements and are 65 years old or older.

6.     My Dad is a veteran.  He's in perfectly good health but my Mom needs care.  Can they get benefits through this  program?
         Yes if your Dad can no longer take care of your Mom.  For example, Dad is too frail, he can't drive, or he can't care for her.

2.    How come I've never heard of this program before?
         VA does not have a marketing budget.  They put out an annual booklet on the benefits veterans have available to them.
         The VA Aid & Attendance program is referred to as a pension.  Veterans read that and think they are not eligible for a pension
         because they did not retire from the military.

4.     Can I file for these benefits on my own?
         Yes, but be sure to file the information correctly otherwise it could take up to 12-15 months to start receiving benefits.  We recommend you              use a law firm that specializes in this process.  We have information on one you can work with.  Give us a call.

3.     What is the VA Aid & Attendance program?
         It is a type of long term care benefit that is referred to as a pension designed to honor the men          and women who served during wartime.


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7.  What if the veteran died and my Mom remarried.
         No, unless she remarries another veteran.ere.

8.  My Mom and Dad were divorced.  Can she still receive benefits?
         Under certain circumstances, yes.  There are several factors that determine this.  We recommend meeting with a qualified person
         to help answer this question for you.

1.     How much money in benefits can I receive?
          Single- $1,794 per month
          Married- $2,127 per month
          Surviving Spouse- $1,153 per month
          Two Married Veterans - $2,837 per month

5.     Will this affect my social security income or will I be taxed on my social security?