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Merry Christmas, Greg! I'm so grateful for all the help you've given us!! I took this photo today after Mom and I came back from lunch. Isn't she beautiful 106 years and 8 months? My Dad was one lucky Navy guy!! 

March 15, 2015

Good Morning!
My mom called me yesterday afternoon telling me she had "good news" which doesn't always ring true in the real world! I had no idea what to expect. But, she was lucid enough to tell me that she had received notice in the mail that she would be getting a little over $1,100 a month from the VA...YAY! That came just at the right time. I don't know if you are a religious man... but I had been praying and trusting that the monies would work out for mom and they did! The latest check I wrote was purely on faith that there would be money there to cover it and the automatics that come out every month. Thank you for helping with the process it will truly help relieve some of my stress. You are such a positive guy and wonderful to work with. Thank you for what you do!
Juliet (From Loveland)

March 11, 2013

Hi Greg,
Just wanted to update you on my mother and get your input to a tax question.
My mom passed away last October but she did finally get approval for the survivor veteran benefits in early September that were retro-active to January 1, 2012. She was going to be completely out of funds by early 2013, so your assistance in getting the assets in line and applying for the surviving veteran benefits were very much appreciated.
Thanks again for your help and the initial payment of the annuity was received very timely in early January.
Gary Redabaugh

April 1, 2015

     Greg- I just wanted to thank you for all of the help you gave my sister and I in getting VA benefits for our father.  When we moved him and our step mother into MacKenzie Place assisted living in 2011, they shared your information with us about getting VA benefits for Dad. Until then, we had not known that these benefits might even be available to him.  With your help, Dad was able to get benefits from his service in the Army Air Corp during WWII, and with his passing in 2013, our step mother continues to get widow’s benefits.  Since she is now in memory care, this extra help is lifesaving for her.  Thanks again!
Becky from Severance

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"Thank you for your assistance, exceptional knowledge, hard work and availability to us in getting my father the Veteran's $1,500 a month pension benefit.  We had no idea the benefit was even available to my father after so many years since serving in WWII."
-Linda and Marc, January 2007